10 Articles to Help You Elevate Diversity Hiring

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Jun 20, 2022

Juneteenth is now a federal holiday, the observation of which occurs today. It’s an opportune time to reflect on just how far we’ve come when it comes to recognizing that Black lives matter — as well as examine how much work there is still to do.

Some of that work falls on the shoulders of recruiting professionals, particularly when it comes to advancing diversity hiring strategies. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a collection of articles geared to help you elevate diversity hiring at your own organization.

The Biggest Lie About Diversity Hiring

The Problem of Diversity Among Talent Acquisition Suppliers

Attracting Black Candidates With Black Recruiters

The Problem With Making (Fake) Business Cases to Advance Diversity Hiring

A Catch-22 When Sourcing Black Candidates

The Link Between Pay Transparency and Diversity

A Lack of Funding for Diversity Hiring Continues to Plague Orgs

The Law Handcuffs Efforts to Drive Diversity (and That’s OK)

The “Talent Shortage” Problem Is a Diversity Problem

She Wasn’t the Obvious Candidate to Hire — Until She Was

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