Training for today's talent acquisition professional.

As talent acquisition professionals continually adapt to change, recruiting teams must possess a range of competencies to find, attract, and hire the best talent. ERE's online training courses provide recruiting pros with innovative strategies, best practices, technical knowledge, and necessary skills to succeed in a competitive landscape.

We offer two courses: SourceCon Academy and Talent Advisor.

Sourcing professionals

SourceCon Academy

SourceCon Academy is the most comprehensive online sourcing training available. With over 22 hours of video based lessons and 50+ sourcing topics, the course teaches recruiters and sourcers search techniques, advanced sourcing methodologies, and candidate engagement strategies.

Teams and individuals that have completed SourceCon Academy are seeing real world benefits to their recruiting process when it comes to time, cost, and quality.

SourceCon Academy graduates learn skills that help them:

  • Find candidates faster by building and strengthening their core search skills.
  • Increase qualified and diverse hires by implementing advanced sourcing methods that uncover unique candidates.
  • Decrease costs by discovering resources and cutting edge tools that automate processes.

All graduates receive a SourceCon Academy Certificate of Completion and are eligible for SHRM and HRCI credits. Most importantly, you will gain a wealth of knowledge to help you further your career in talent acquisition.

Who should take the course?

SourceCon Academy is a must for dedicated sourcers and any talent acquisition professional looking to find and engage candidates. New recruiters will build a strong foundation and advance quickly while more experienced recruiters will fill in the gaps of their foundational knowledge and tweak what they've been doing to get better results.

Recruiting professionals

Talent Advisor

ERE's Talent Advisor course helps recruiters build and strengthen the strategic competencies necessary to be trusted, consultative partners to your hiring managers and candidates. With over 10 hours of video-based content on 23 topics, this course will help you take your talent acquisition career to the next level.

The Talent Advisor course teaches recruiters how to strategically approach your job and guides you on specific actions to take to add value to the recruitment process. The course includes 14 competency and 9 workflow modules.

Talent Advisor graduates learn to be:

  • Trusted partners. They are reliable, consistent, and their team can depend on them to get the job done.
  • Consultative. They know recruitment processes and share their own strategic point of view on how to proceed.
  • Proactive. They can anticipate problems and proactively alert stakeholders of issues.

All course graduates receive a Talent Advisor Certificate of Completion and are eligible for SHRM and HRCI credits. Of even greater significance, graduates learn key skills to be more trusted and strategic recruiting partners.

Who should take the course?

ERE’s Talent Advisor course is designed for talent acquisition professionals looking to be more consultative partners and not order-takers. The course will teach new recruiters tangible skills, and is great for more experienced talent acquisition professionals who want to advance in their careers.


We have worked with thousands of amazing people

“SourceCon Academy is hands down the most valuable online sourcing training for recruitment professionals! I still find myself regularly revisiting the content and referencing many of the lessons.”

Susanna Frazier
Heidelberg Materials North America

“I really think that every sourcer / recruiter needs to take this training, it is very helpful.”

Selene Enderle
Barclays, Americas

“SourceCon Academy was a perfect way to establish core skills for my new sourcing team and advance them very quickly.”

Tangie Pettis
UnitedHealth Group

“Whether you've been in the recruiting industry for 20 years or are just beginning, I believe the SourceCon Academy course offers something for everyone.”

Trish Wyderka
Fidelis Companies

“[ERE Training] serves as a great refresher for experienced talent professionals, as well as a great training tool for new recruiters.”

Rich Lucas

“The team was very impressed with the useful and relevant content for growing their sourcing skills.”

Kelly Engel
Cancer Treatment Centers of America

“SourceCon Academy is probably the best online training course for sourcers currently available on the market.”

Jan Tegze

“As an experienced sourcer, SourceCon Academy sharpened my current skills and process, and I also learned a few new ideas that I have not seen before.”

Ronnie Bratcher