Editorial Submissions

It's awesome that you're interested in writing for ERE.net! Before we collaborate, please review the guidelines below. They exist to help us work together to create terrific articles to advance talent acquisition and recruiting ideas and practices.
Pitch first. Before you write an article, please submit a pitch that summarizes the topic and especially the angle. It will likely save time and effort, and it also enables room for feedback to ensure that the end story turns out great.
Make it different. Our readers value articles that offer new information. They hate anything general and generic. So whether you're writing a news story about a recent development impacting talent acquisition (we especially love such articles), or about a new trend, or you're offering advice, it's vital to convey information and insights that are fresh and that readers haven't seen regurgitated countless times elsewhere. (Also, please do not pitch anything promotional.)
Keep it specific and narrow. The best articles focus on one specific issue and go deep. For example, rather than detail five ways to improve diversity hiring, pick one and do a full exploration. Additionally, we usually stay away from articles that are “X Ways to Do Y for Z Results.”
Use data. Really great articles are often infused with data. Readers appreciate quotes from experts, as well as facts, figures, and stats (backed up with links to sources and research that should generally be no older than two years). This applies to news articles as much as opinion pieces, so please include such details so that your article conveys utmost authority, credibility, and trust.
Show examples. Nothing makes a story come to life like real-life examples. For instance, if you are writing about a trend, please provide specific examples of that trend.
Keep it original. All work must be original. We do not re-publish content. You are free to re-publish your ERE.net article on your or your company's website, but not elsewhere.
Don't focus on length. Whether it takes 500 words to convey your idea or 1,500, the length of your piece is less important than how people feel reading it.
Due dates. In most cases, due dates are as soon as possible, especially if it's an article about current news. Most importantly, please specify when you'd be able to deliver a draft of the article. And if a story will be late, please provide updates in a timely manner.
Do not pitch anything promotional. We don't do paid links or publish content marketing.
Still reading this? Got a great idea for an article? Let's hear it!