Best of ERE: Top 5 Candidate Experience Stories of 2022

Last year at this time I wrote: “I have a prediction for 2022. Candidates will still hate recruiters. OK, ‘hate’ is a strong word. I get it. So here’s my prediction: Candidates will still hate recruiters.”

Harsh, I know. But no one should ever get into recruiting expecting that candidates will love them. Sure, you want to deliver a great candidate experience, but it’s just too much to ask for all rejected candidates not to feel disgruntled.

Maybe I’m too cynical or pessimistic. But ultimately, as I also said last year, “[Y]ou shouldn’t create a terrific candidate experience to help people like or appreciate you or your company. You should do it despite all of that.” Here are top candidate experience stories from the past year.

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How to Cultivate Referrals From Rejected Candidates

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