Jeff Schwartzman

Jeff Schwartzman has fifteen years of Agency Recruiting experience. He began recruiting in Orange County and NYC working a desk with 3x5 Job Order cards and cut-and-paste resumes. Throughout the years he has become an aficionado of fine recruiting systems, working at leading search firms AccountPros and CyberCoders. Jeff took the plunge and started his own search firm, Laguna Source, in 2007 with Partner Dan Boersma. Dan and Jeff have worked together for fifteen years since the 3x5 card days. Dissatisfied with the selection of ATS products for search firms, Dan and Jeff took a second plunge and developed their own dream recruiting system internally. That system is proven and has become the commercial product ResuWe Recruiter, which is also available for other search firms to use as well. ResuWe Recruiter is a self self-service, cloud hosted, and web based Applicant Tracking System with a killer user interface. ResuWe Recruiter optimizes your recruiting bandwidth, leverages Social Media, and sets up instantly. For a free trial, please visit

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