Frank Mulligan

Frank Mulligan is the China Director for Accetis International, an international search practice headquartered in Paris. He is also the founder of Talent Software, which offered China’s first Applicant Tracking Systems in both English and Chinese, and started one of China’s earliest job boards, Recruit China. He has lived in China for over 13 years in both Beijing and Shanghai, Before starting Talent Software, Frank was the Chief Representative of Norman Broadbent Executive Search in China, 1st Secretary (Commercial) for the Irish Embassy in Beijing, and Strategic Planning Manager, Siemens, Ltd. China. Frank operates two blogs and hosts an online TV programme that covers HR issues in Asia, with a specific focus on China. Please visit Talent Software Blog and “ERE’s Talent in China” for additional information and expert specialization on all things related to China’s complex business, social and staffing infrastructures.
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