ERE Media, Inc. CEO David Manaster continues to learn about recruiting every day. His first job in the profession was way back in 1997, and he founded ERE Media the following year. Today, David spends his time thinking up new ways that ERE can serve the recruiting community. You can follow David on Twitter or email him at david(at)


The last time I wrote a post like this one, I called ERE Media a labor of love. That is still as true today as it was then. It was a labor of love for me … Read more

ERE Media Has a New CEO

When I started ERE Media in October 1998, it was a labor of love. I was a 23 year old, and spent every spare moment after my day job thinking about how to … Read more

Is the Ladders a Scam?

A couple of weeks ago, The Ladders invited (and paid T&E for) a number of influential bloggers, writers, speakers, and consultants in the HR and … Read more

ERE Acquires SourceCon

I’m proud to announce that ERE Media has acquired SourceCon, the only live, in-person event for sourcing professionals in the world. SourceCon is … Read more

It’s hard to believe, but ERE has been running a community for recruiters for more than 10 years. In that time online communities have radically … Read more

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