Mysterious HR Lady Was at HR Tech

Feb 15, 2011
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About that Anna Rodriguez, HR head of the fictitious Magnus Group. She was a busy lady.

Besides allegedly scamming SuccessFactors, she roamed the aisles of last fall’s HR Tech show, stopping to chat up the folks at the Sonar6 “unbooth.”

Mike Carden, Sonar6 co-founder, called from headquarters in New Zealand to say the company had a few contacts with Rodriquez, the first at the tech show in Chicago.

She subsequently downloaded product information from the Sonar6 website and spoke with a member of the sales team who assessed her as not a hot prospect.

“The pre-sale person thought it was fishy very early on,” Carden said. Just why isn’t clear from the notes, but it was likely, he agreed, that something turned up — or didn’t — during the initial vetting process.

Consequently, the Sonar6 team didn’t spend much time on the matter. “It didn’t take a whole of our time,” Carden noted. “We’re unlikely to pursue anything more.”

“More” that is beyond the flip tweet he sent Friday when IDG News Service broke the news of the lawsuit SucessFactors filed against Halogen, which it alleges manufactured both Anna Rodriguez and the Magnus Group in order to steal company secrets.

“Dear Halogen,” Carden tweeted, “we’ve had an interested in Sonar6, shall we send her your way?”

How many more companies did she contact? “Well,” says Carden, “it would appear that she wasn’t just contacting one group.”

Jason Corsello, senior VP at Knowledge Infusion, had the same thought the other day when he tweeted: “I have a feeling many HCM vendors are now looking for Anna Rodriguez of Magnus Group in their CRM system.”

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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