Fordyce Forum: Habits of Big Billers

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Jun 6, 2011
This article is part of a series called Fordyce Forum.

Bob Marshall‘s been in this business for over twenty years — he has built up a wealth of knowledge about the business of recruiting. In particular, he knows what it takes to be a “Big Biller” – after all, he’s trained many people how to achieve this elite status. For those unfamiliar with the term, it typically applies to those who have billed over $1 million over their career. And who wouldn’t want to be one of those?

At the Fordyce Forum last Friday, Marshall shared with us what makes a “Big Biller.” Those in attendance received a hard-hitting lesson on the things that need to happen and the activity level that needs to be reached in your recruiting career for you to accomplish this level of achievement. It’s not an easy goal to attain – but it’s a goal well worth pursuing, as Marshall shared.

Below are several things Marshall listed that differentiate a “Big Biller” from the average producer. Take a look at this list and consider how many of these things you’re currently doing…or not doing.

  1. “Big Billers” understand the numbers:
    1. “Big Billers” monitor daily numbers and know their ratios. Do you know what interview-to-placement ratio you need to meet your daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual goals?
    2. “Big Billers” know the exact number of companies in their marketplace. Do you know how many companies occupy your niche?
    3. “Big Billers” make placements with 4% of their marketplace.
  2. “Big Billers” have a quarterly sheet; average producers don’t know what that is. Have you thought about, and then written down, what you need to do production-wise per week or per quarter to achieve your annual goals?
  3. “Big Billers” call “mom-and-pop” shops when others won’t because ‘they’re too small and not worth the effort.’ Marshall mentioned that in his early years of recruiting, he could have called Apple when they were a mom-and-pop operation. Imagine the relationship that would have developed!
  4. “Big Billers” are always on the phone. ALWAYS. Would someone be able to hear a pin drop in your office, or is there a buzz of activity?
  5. “Big Billers” market every single day – it may not be for a long time, but they do it daily. They want that skill available to them so that when they need it, it hasn’t eroded. Do you market daily to keep your competitive edge sharp?
  6. “Big Billers” are great planners — but they hate planning. And they do it the night before, not the day of. Do you have a daily plan mapped out each morning when you start working?
  7. “Big Billers” know that out of 15 job orders:
    1. 0-1 will be search assignment quality
    2. 4-5 will be matching quality
    3. 10 (or 2/3) will be can’t-helps

    Do you have realistic expectations of your job orders, and are you confident enough to only work on the quality assignments?

  8. “Big Billers” do what average billers do, but they do it more often. Do you practice repetition of basic skills daily until they become second nature?
  9. “Big Billers” know they will be successful where others are unsure. Confidence is key when approaching both clients and candidates. Do you have unwavering self-confidence?
  10. “Big Billers” anchor positive behavior. They seek the positive in every situation and uplift those around them. They encourage not only themselves but their coworkers, peers, and colleagues. Do you uplift those around you?
  11. “Big Billers” know there is a big difference between knowledge and execution. Do you simply know what you’re supposed to do – or do you actually do it?

If you receive The Fordyce Letter print version, make sure to read Bob Marshall’s May and June articles, Conversation with a Superstar, ‘Robocruiter’ & the Total Account Executive Parts 1 and 2, for even more in-depth information about habits and activities of “Big Billers.”

How many of these items do you currently practice? What are some other qualities that make a “Big Biller?”

This article is part of a series called Fordyce Forum.
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