There’s Still Plenty of Time to Become a Big Biller

Apr 2, 2015

All of us come to our business lives with certain gifts.  When we apply those gifts, we can become successful. When we realize that we don’t possess all of the gifts we need, we can become discouraged.

Big Billers are just like us, but they exhibit one key difference. First, they use their gifts just like the rest of us, and become successful just like the rest of us. But here is where we diverge.

Big Billers realize the gifts they don’t’ possess and work to become masters in those areas while the rest of us just remain discouraged. We complain. In the words of the famous trainer, Cavett Robert, we change the old adage to say, “There but for me, go I.”

Bottom-line, Big Billers recognize their shortcomings and develop them into strengths. And that makes all of the difference.

The Checklist

As you prepare for the final three quarters of 2015, here’s a checklist you can use that I learned from Bill Vick, a Big Biller recruiter friend of mine — one of the best in the business. I spend most of my coaching life working from such lists.  See how you stack up!

The Five Strategic Essentials

1.  Attitude: Reach a point of an unshakeable winning attitude and relentless persistence.

2.  Focus: Have a crystal clear purpose and a strategy for success.

3.  Control: Control the process at every step; nothing is left to chance.

4.  Discipline: Every day is planned; routines are followed; the process is respected.

5.  Relationships: Put customer needs before fees; recruiting, above all, is a relationship business.

The Ten Tactical Necessities

1.  Know the End Game: If you cannot win the game, play elsewhere.

2.  Create a Benefit Vision: People listen to facts and features, but buy benefits.

3.  Focus on the Solution: Both clients and candidates are driven by solving a problem.

4.  Recruiting is a Contact Sport: Contact needs to happen multiple times before an enduring relationship can be established.

5.  Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan: Plan and focus on those things closest to the money; success is replacing bad habits with good habits.

6.  Never Play a Game You Cannot Win: Your assets are time, skill and knowledge; always invest them in those games you can win and not those you might lose.

7.  Time Kills All Deals: Time creates options; options create choices; control placements by meticulously controlling time and bringing decisions to a quick conclusion.

8.  Recruiting is a Lifestyle and Not a Job: As often as possible, be in The Zone.

9.  Always treat Clients, Candidates, and Others As You Want to be Treated: The Golden Rule

10.  A Placement is Never Done Until the Check Clears: Never leave things to chance.

You have nine months left in 2015.  I wish you all the best!!

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