Beyond Compliance: Is an EEO Statement the Most Neglected Talent Attraction Tool?

How to transform legalese into employer branding.

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Jun 27, 2023

Most talent acquisitions professionals likely view an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) statement as a mere compliance necessity. However, it can also be an effective recruitment tool. Research shows that job postings with an EEOC statement fill faster.

More specifically, with Pride month still upon us, it’s worth considering that 79% of LGBTQ+ people are more likely to apply for a job when an EEO statement promoting equal opportunity is included. Meanwhile, fewer than 25% of U.S. job postings on Indeed explicitly mention LGBTQ+ inclusion in their EEO statements.

Point is, strengthening your EEO statement can be an easy way to attract more diverse talent. But what does a good EEO statement look like?

Examples of Effective EEO Statements

Dell offers a great example of an EEO statement, which is short and sweet to encourage people to read it:

“We are a diverse team with unique perspectives. United in our purpose, our strategy, and our culture. Driven by our ambition and the power of technology to drive human progress. Unwavering in our commitment to equality, trust, and advocacy for one another.”

Dell goes beyond just saying they care about diversity and inclusion. The organization backs it up by delving into numbers, programs, and initiatives.

Workable is another good example. The company features an informal EEO statement on its careers page, making sure everyone sees their commitment to equal opportunity. What’s really impressive is their authentic and heartfelt approach. They understand that candidates want more than a generic “We are an equal opportunity employer” statement.

As a result, Workable crafts its EEO statement with sincerity, showcasing culture and values. It’s a breath of fresh air in the hiring process.

LinkedIn also offers a great example. LinkedIn’s EEO statement might be a bit longer, but it is very clear in detailing a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

In addition, candidates can also see firsthand what it’s like to work at LinkedIn through its trending employee content — the company understands the power of visuals.

The Elements of a Great EEO Statement

While the EEO statements of Dell, LinkedIn, and Workable each have unique characteristics, they all share five key elements that make them effective:

1. Specificity. Regardless of length, an EEO statement must be specific in communicating what it means to be an equal-opportunity employer. Showcasing compliance with EEOC rules and regulations right off the bat lets candidates know they’re in a fair hiring process.

2. Personality and sincerity. It helps to convey a unique brand voice and work culture. (Workable offers a terrific example of this.) It’s like adding a pinch of spice to your dish — it brings out the flavor and leaves a lasting impression. And just like at Dell, it is helpful to go the extra mile by not only saying you prohibit discrimination and harassment but providing guidance on reporting such incidents. That’s sincerity in action.

3. Highlighting of employment practices. Candidates want to understand what they can expect before joining your organization, so it’s helpful to point out that your EEO statement covers all aspects of employment, from hiring and training to promotion and apprenticeships. It’s like a roadmap showing the path you’ve set to ensure equality and fairness.

4. Merit-based decision-making around hiring. It’s important to assure candidates that qualifications and business needs are the primary factors in the selection process. This can be kept concise and direct, with the aim of fostering confidence in your organization and attracting candidates who value fair and equitable practices. Pinterest offers a good example of this:

5. Link to a comprehensive EEO policy. By sharing tangible examples of how you enforce equal opportunity and equality, you position yourself as a genuine organization with a rich history of promoting diversity and inclusion. Here’s what Google displays:

Creating an effective EEO statement is just the beginning. Ultimately, it’s important to actually implement processes and policies that uphold the statement’s standards.

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