An Interview With Candidate Experience Champion Gerry Crispin

Apr 13, 2018

The latest “career life story” here on ERE: Gerry Crispin’s. Crispin, who’s doing a short talk at ERE this October in Orlando, co-founded the colloquium company CareerXroads and later the Talent Board, which created the candidate experience awards. Recently he has helped in the creation of the Association for Talent Acquisition Professionals.

In this extended episode we cover:

  • His early childhood and school years
  • College life and his early career in organizational behavior with Johnson &Johnson
  • Working in recruitment advertising and entering the digital age of recruiting
  • Writing his own obituary and the values it taught him about life
  • Being the first to present on the impact of the internet on recruiting at SHRM in 1996
  • Views on success; life lessons; what’s next

The video is below, all part of a series about the lives of people in the talent field. Also see previous interviews with Johnny Campbell; and with a Stryker talent VP.

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