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May 10, 2017

Tidbits from the talent-acquisition technology grapevine:

  • In case you missed it, Aon is buying cut-E.
  • Remember the big launch that was going to “reinvent and revolutionize recruiting”? When we last caught up with it, it was spending big time to prepare the product. The CEO Terry Terhark told me yesterday that Randrr is launching an “Alpha” this week. Over 30 days, 250 people will test the product, setting up profiles and preferences. The system will be able to recommend jobs to them based on their desires and skills, the latter judged by both their resumes and by questions site users are asked. Randrr will learn over time, monitoring what people are and aren’t clicking on and applying to. People will also be able to see career paths. If they’re a marketing associate and want to be a chief marketing officer, they can see, based on the history of others who’ve made the journey, the most common and shortest paths, and what skills they need to add to get there. Anyhow, in 30 days, a 2,000-person closed beta test will include salary information; what others are earning in a given job, for example. Then, 30 days after that will be the public beta, when employers will be able to post jobs and brand themselves. Terhark says he has 40-45 employees, mostly engineers with their heads down cranking away on the product. In a recent company meeting, he told them it was “point zero on the journey; we have only just begun.”
  • Speaking of “where are they now?” … Remember the company I had (in addition to Vocatio, Portfolium, and Clinch) do a demo in San Diego … Mya? It’s the recipient of $11.4 million in Series A funding. Multiple Fortune 500 companies are using the Mya AI, including, the company says, particularly retail, light industrial, and call center employers. It’ll hire more machine learning, natural language processing, and data-science employees.
  • Cohort is predicting how likely it is that someone knows about something.
  • Jobvite is out with numbers on applications per job; applicants to interviews; interviews to offers; offers to hires; and time to fill. See attached.

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