The Latest Invited to Do a Demo in San Diego Is Part of College Recruiting’s Future

Imagine an employer walking into a career center to interview a job candidate, not knowing a whole lot about the person sitting across the table next to them.

That’s pretty much the opposite of what one company hoping to change the future of college recruiting is aiming to do. I’m inviting Portfolium (in addition to Clinch, Vocatio, and Mya) to demo its technology at the San Diego ERE conference in April.

Portfolium wants college students to upload “presentations, videos, writing samples, images, designs, prototypes, code, digital credentials, validated assessments, and more” to a site, giving potential employers a deeper look at their work beyond just a resume (which might not say a ton about a college student anyhow). It could be a video journalism piece; cake frosting; a marketing case study in Norway; an explanation of how military experience helped someone; or getting a micromouse to go through a maze.

Employers can do a scan of the system to see who Portfolium thinks is a match for a job or internship. Faculty can use it to manage students’ portfolios and increase engagement.

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In a sense, it’s a combination of a learning management system and a talent acquisition system, all that for the college audience.

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