Tom Hacquoil Says Many Recruiters Are Insane

Who’s Tom Hacquoil? Why does he think you’re probably crazy?

Hacquoil is CEO of recruitment software provider Pinpoint. He recently gave a DisruptHR talk in St Helier in which he pinpointed (see what I did there) a problem: If you’re deploying the same recruitment strategies and expecting the same results, he said, then you’re probably insane.

Hacquoil explains that even though the recruitment landscape has significantly changed in recent years, many companies are still stuck in the past. Nowadays, “if you’re hiring, you’re selling. You’re not buying,” he points out. “You’re selling the opportunity to work for your organization.”

From not advertising jobs enough and using terrible stock photography to making your job descriptions all about you, you’re likely doing recruitment wrong.

“We think of job descriptions as reverse resumes,” Hacquoil says. But they’re not. After all, he asks, would you hire a candidate whose resume was 90% about what the individual wants from your company?

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Check out Hacquoil’s five-minute talk below about diagnosing recruitment insanity.”

Vadim Liberman is editor of and a workplace renegade advancing how we think, work, and live. He has previously worked as a strategy consultant to HR and recruiting tech companies at The Starr Conspiracy, as a talent management professional at Prudential, and as senior editor of The Conference Board Review, a magazine for business leaders. Vadim loves to talk about all things HR, talent acquisition, and Bravo TV shows.