RecruitHire Acquires Dayak

RecruitHire, a company that helps employers connect with recruiters to fill job openings, has picked up Dayak’s online network of more than 6,000 recruiters and 1,500 employers.

Dayak says its current users can use their existing accounts to log in to and begin using the new features immediately. They can also continue to access the website through October 15, 2009, to extract data related to previous submissions.

Dayak has not been without controversy in our industry. As a service that prompts employers to choose the fee they’re willing to pay recruiters for a successful hire, the company offered a clear shift away from percentage-based fees.

Dayak and competitor BountyJobs were both nominated for OnRec’s “2008 Game Changing Recruiting Technology” (the award ultimately went to JobStick). Another firm that is still around is the U.K.-based, which offers a similar business platform in that employers post jobs and how much they want to pay a recruiter to fill the vacancy. The company deducts a 15% flat rate from the total fee that the employer sets; in essence, the company charges the recruiter 7.5% and the employer 7.5%.

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Although changing recruitment technologies will always seem like a revolving door to an extent, some in the industry wonder whether this specific model can even succeed.

Industry blogger Sarah White notes that “in order to truly be successful, it would take a partnership with (or acquisition by) a major job board that wanted to expand their current services to create a network for higher level positions that aren’t traditionally advertised on their site and attract the 3rd party recruiter that wouldn’t think of using their sites now.”

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