Recruiter Demand in the World’s Largest English-speaking Countries

Recruiters are in demand throughout the world. Among the largest English-speaking countries, India currently has the greatest need for recruiting professionals, with about 26,430 job listings posted online. (Although India’s primary language is Hindi, English is the other official language of its Central Union Government.)

The U.S. ranks second in recruiter demand among these countries, with 7,270 job ads for recruiters. However, when it comes to the percentage of total jobs that are for recruiters, Canada has the highest market share of recruiting jobs. About 1.3 percent of Canada’s jobs advertise for recruiters. India is close behind with 1.2 percent percent of its online job openings seeking recruiters.

Market Share of Recruiting Job Ads vs. All Ads in the Largest English-speaking Countriesmarket share of recruiting job ads

Source: WANTED Analytics

In terms of HR job listings that advertised for recruiters, the dynamic shifts.

The UK has the greatest percentage of HR jobs that require recruiters, 39 percent. India has the second highest percentage, 29 percent.

Market Share of Recruiting Ads vs. HR Ads in the Largest English-speaking Countries recruiting vs hr ads

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Source: WANTED Analytics

Do these English-speaking countries require the same types of recruiters? In India, the country with the greatest need for recruiting professionals, Human Resources Recruiter is the most advertised recruiting job title. Three of the English-speaking countries listed feature titles that refer to a recruiting position for a particular field. In India, the U.S., and Australia, Technical or Information Technology Recruiter or Consultant are among the most sought after types of recruiting professionals. IT jobs are highly in demand in these markets. In the UK and Australia, Recruitment Consultant titles appear in multiple places.

Most Advertised Recruiting Titles in the Largest English-speaking Countries 

India US
1.      Human Resources Recruiter 1.      Recruiter
2.      Information Technology Recruiter 2.      Technical Recruiter
3.      Recruiter 3.      Recruiting Coordinator
4.      Recruitment Executive 4.      Senior Recruiter
5.      Recruitment Manager 5.      Corporate Recruiter
UK Canada
1.      Recruitment Consultant 1.      Recruiter
2.      Trainee Recruitment Consultant 2.      Recruitment Consultant
3.      Recruitment Administrator 3.      Recuitment Specialist
4.      Recruitment Manager 4.      Recruitment Coordinator
5.      Senior Recruitment Consultant 5.      Senior Recruiter
1.      Recruitment Consultant
2.      Graduate Recruitment Consultant
3.      Senior Recruitment Consultant
4.      Information Technology Recruitment Consultant
5.      Recruitment Coordinator

Recruiters in these markets: do these results surprise you or are they expected? Is there a certain specialization that is underrepresented in these results?

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