In These New Recruiting Videos, a Robot Takes Over the Job and Fails Miserably

A robot takes over a teaching job, and it doesn’t go well, in a new set of videos aimed at attracting teachers to Louisiana.

It’s part of a statewide campaign out of Baton Rouge partly to recruit teachers but even more so, to “elevate the teaching profession,” as the state department of education says.

The Department launched a “Believe and Prepare” campaign in 2014, focused on teacher mentorship.

This new campaign was done with Zehnder Communications, and is aimed at everyone from a high-school junior up to a college sophomore. It’s also aimed at influencers: parents and counselors.

To prepare for the campaign, the state education department surveyed more than 500 Louisiana high school and college students and found that only 13 percent of respondents were currently considering teaching as a potential profession. It also learned that students get career information mostly from social media and the Internet.

The research also found that students are “drawn to career fields that are less likely to be automated.” Hence the videos, two of which I’ve embedded below, filmed at a couple of New Orleans schools, showing a robot as a teacher who doesn’t do quite as well as a human.

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There are more videos here. The campaign will also include TV, radio, and print advertising, as well as of course social media (hashtag #BeATeacherLA).

teacher image at top from bigstock