Best Hire Ever: Katrina Kibben on Writing Great Job Postings in a Pandemic

In Episode 9 of Best Hire Ever, Kris Dunn chats with Katrina Kibben, CEO and Founder of Three Ears Media, on the value of great job postings and marketing materials, especially in a pandemic-flavored recession. Katrina and KD break down the elements of a job posting that generate results and talk about influencing candidates through great writing copy across all job marketing materials. Along the way, they talk about being a candidate in a pandemic/recession.

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Show Highlights:

1:05 – “What up, KD?”

1:30 – KD is a ray of sunshine as he delivers the Q2 GDP numbers and connects it to great job postings.

2:52 – A bit about the artist known as Katrina and Three Ears Media.

5:15 – KD wants to know about the the decision for Katrina to specialize and go DEEEEEEEEEEP in the job posting/job attraction space — why?

9:30 – What are three things people can improve on related to their job postings?  Katrina breaks down the problems with (1) content being way too long, (2) bad intakes lead to bad content (buzzwords), and (3) Guessing and winging it. Katrina goes deep in each area and drops incredible knowledge.

16:10 – KD asks Katrina for the most challenging personas across hiring managers. A story about Missouri is part of the magic!

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19:30 – KD focuses on what he views as the the pandemic/recession dilemma. You’re a hiring manager and need great talent. How do you convince people that your company will make it through and they can jump from where they are and be OK at the company you’re a part of? Katrina acknowledges the challenge but talks about people who have great jobs that are looking for more.

22:25 – Katrina and KD talk about the isolation via the Pandemic creating time to complement career paths with talented people.

24:00 – Katrina gets technical and breaks down the “Human About Us” portion of a job posting as being the place to create confidence in your company. Don’t cut and past a press release. Talk about where you’re at right now. Acknowledge the past, talk honestly about the bounce back, etc. #transparency

29:00 – KD asks Katrina how hiring managers can make candidates believe in them as a candidate.

35:10 – Katrina and KD wrap it up with WNBA talk.

BEST HIRE EVER is a podcast that explores a simple truth: There’s nothing that drives success at your company like making a great hire. Make your BEST HIRE EVER, and suddenly you sleep better, work less nights and weekends, and you might even start being talked about as that guy or gal that’s just naturally a great developer of talent.

Of course, making great hires is incredibly hard, which is why this podcast exists. Join Kinetix CHRO and partner Kris Dunn (founder of Fistful of Talent, The HR Capitalist, and author of The 9 Faces of HR) as he digs into the topic of hiring top talent with undeniably talented corporate leaders, recruiters, and candidates. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll learn the hard lessons others learned as they developed their approach to make their BEST HIRE EVER.