Ron Jordan

Carter-White & Shaw, LLC was established in 1991 when Ron Jordan left his position as a legal recruiter with Pat Franklyn Associates in San Francisco to start his own firm. Coming from humble beginnings, armed only with a copy of the California edition of Martindale-Hubbell, 1991, a rotary phone, a single client, and using his mom?s back porch for an office, he embarked on an adventure in which, to this day, he is truly amazed at his success. Ron?s goal is to assist an under-served market in the legal recruiting world: diverse attorneys of color, women attorneys, LGBT, and disabled attorneys who are seeking employers that value diversity and appreciate their talents as lawyers. Carter-White & Shaw?s client base was initially composed of San Francisco and Bay Area-based law firms. The firm moved from his mom?s back porch to San Francisco in 1992, where he met his future wife Margaret and soon thereafter moved to Carmel Valley, California. In 2001, to service a growing nationwide clientele and candidate base, Ron moved to Chestertown, Maryland where he currently works and resides. Since that move, his company presence nationwide has substantially increased, and his aim is to be the #1 diverse attorney recruiting firm in the nation. You can reach Ron at

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