Stephen Balzac is an expert on leadership and organizational development. A consultant, author, and professional speaker, he is president of 7 Steps Ahead, an organizational development firm focused on helping businesses get unstuck. He is the author of “The 36-Hour Course in Organizational Development,” published by McGraw-Hill, and a contributing author to volume one of “Ethics and Game Design: Teaching Values Through Play.” Steve's latest book, "Organizational Psychology for Managers," will be published by Springer in late 2013. For more information, or to sign up for Steve’s monthly newsletter, visit You can also contact him at 978-298-5189 or

Recruit Confidently

Recently, I heard a hiring manager comment that she would “Prefer not to hire anyone at all.” Her company is growing. They are actively looking for people. … Read more

The Godot Effect

Personally, I wouldn’t even know him if I saw him.  —Estragon, Waiting for Godot Some years ago I was sitting in a product design meeting. The … Read more

We Multitask Here

The Northern Lights have seen strange sights, But the queerest they ever did see … — The Cremation of Sam McGee While they may not quite … Read more

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