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May 10, 2016
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One of the many new sites touting anonymity — or in some cases just more transparency and control — for job seekers is releasing new updates today for employers.

Woo’s not new. It launched publicly in February. Passive job candidates (a bit of an oxymoron, I know) fill out what’d it take to make them quit: more telecommuting and more money and more balance, for example. If an employer can offer them that, the candidates get a little notice and a writeup about the company. Then, if they choose, they can “out” themselves and begin connecting with the employer … much different than publicly posting a resume for all the world to see.

Candidates also get a nice look at what the competition is like for them (something CareerXroads’ Gerry Crispin, who I talked to yesterday about Woo, likes a lot).

Anyhow, Woo can now more easily let employers see the supply of people who’ll fit the bill. As the recruiter adjusts between variables like salary, work from home, and willingness to relocate, they can now watch their pool adjust: 10 candidates, 20 candidates, 80, etc. — as they loosen up the perks and the pursestrings. Go from $110k to $155k, and voila, see how your pool deepens.

Previously, you could do something like this with Woo. But, it was manual — so you’d ask Woo to do it, and wait a day. Now, it’s automated.

Woo’s been focusing on New York and the Bay Area thus far, mainly for technology jobs. It says about 10,000 candidates are in its system, with 400 employers using it.

Among the many other companies that are playing up anonymity and transparency: CredHive, Anthology (previously called Poachable); Poachee; Whitetrufflerandrr; and Switch, to name a handful. Then, there’s the one you read about that wants to “set fire” to the recruiting industry. And I’m also in touch with a former in-house talent-acquisition leader, who ran the global suite of talent-management applications at a well-known financial company, who’s thinking of starting one of his own, anonymous job sites.

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This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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