VisaNow: Immigration System Virtually Beyond Repair

Aug 28, 2008

As the presidential election and debates approach, now is the perfect time to consider what the next four years will look like with respect to recruiting foreign workers.

After all, the National Foundation for American Policy pointed out in a study that “the reality of the global economy is that employers and their capital will follow the talent – wherever that talent is permitted to work and flourish.”

Bob Meltzer, CEO of VisaNow, says the current immigration system is based on premises that made sense throughout the 1970s, at best. As a result, he says, restricting the hiring of highly skilled foreign nationals actually limits job creation and innovation in the United States.

“The U.S. immigration system is so outmoded that it is virtually beyond repair, requiring not just mere updating, but complete rebuilding,” says Meltzer.

In a blog posted on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, writer Erin Solaro takes a different approach. She notes that “immigration policy is made not by the great mass of Americans, but by giant corporations, such as Microsoft or Archer Daniel Midlands, whose profits trickle down neither to the average American citizen nor to the immigrant, legal or illegal. Poor Americans are not poor merely because of immigrants, legal or even illegal. They’re in it just like us.”

She adds that the majority of Americans “are impoverished by an immigration policy that both takes in far too many legally and refuses to limit or control the illegals. Immigration, illegal and legal, is permitted in order to keep Americans poor in our own country.”

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