Value Added Services in a Slow Job Market

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Jan 24, 2012

In an economy of high unemployment and a large pool of qualified candidates, some employers may be under the impression that recruiters are not as necessary. This is untrue. In a market like this, professional recruiters may focus on different aspects of their practice to better support clients and increase revenue.

Too Many Incoming Resumes Is Not Always a Good Thing

Many clients are overwhelmed with the hundreds of unsolicited resumes they are receiving on a weekly basis. You may aid your clients by establishing a more efficient screening process or by assuming the screening function. For some clients, they may elect to outsource other phases of the candidate selection process to decrease their internal workload. In most cases, a skilled recruiter can handle the process much more effectively.

Time to Let Go of Dead Weight

The slow job market may present opportunities. Top candidates who may have been difficult to acquire in the past may be open to new opportunities or may be the victim of a closed company. As an astute professional, you can assist clients to identify weak performers and replace them with highly productive individuals.

The Other Side of the Coin

If your client is faced with a layoff or an outsourcing initiative, this is another chance to provide support to the human resources manager who may be burdened with associated layoff tasks. When the client company is strong again, you will be there for the hiring wave.

Recruiting and Interviewing Boot Camps

Often in a down market, companies consolidate jobs. If one of your client companies has inexperienced managers assuming hiring tasks, consider offering training classes on interviewing techniques or the legal aspects of employee selection. Recruiters can conduct in-house training at a client location or lead a one-day workshop for multiple clients. Supplemental training via electronic newsletters is another way to reinforce the training and stay in touch with the client.

The Value of Your Knowledge

A human resources manager may have a shortsighted or short-term view of the job market. You offer the value of experience over a wide span of time and expertise in multiple job types. You are the best person when it comes to efficient sourcing strategies. Recruiters are acquainted with the supply of talent on a week-by-week basis as well as the demand for specific jobs. Analyzing the supply and talent balance is second nature to you. Talk with your clients to determine their needs and advise when it is wise to search for talent or if it is more advantageous to develop talent internally. Don’t underestimate the value of your knowledge.

* * *

The bottom line is that in a busy market, recruiters are working feverishly to locate and place clients. Recruiters produce results through the timely sourcing of quality candidates. In a slow market, recruiting professionals have the chance to shine in a different way. The above value-added services will have a dramatic impact on clients’ businesses, resulting in loyal clients for many years to come.

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