Turn Resume Writers Into Lead Gen Partners

Aug 27, 2015
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stacks of resumesWhy spend your valuable time talking to a low-quality lead? What is a low-quality lead? In general, it is someone who isn’t competent and does not have connections to suit your needs. A high-quality lead is someone who might represent a stellar candidate for your client and is well connected to other quality people.

Each cold call that connects takes 10 to 15 minutes of your time. What a waste of time to go through 10 people on your list only to reach one quality lead! Consider partnering with a professional who works daily with candidates and has firsthand knowledge of their work history and skills. You have distilled your long list of cold calls and untested referrals to a shorter list of high-quality leads. A list like this is golden.

Value of a Partnership

Résumé writers can provide you with leads for candidates and employers in specified occupations, markets, and industries. Résumé writers also work with companies when providing services such as résumé writing for spouses of relocated employees. Top-level writers often serve as experts or provide résumé writing services for national associations. Aligning yourself with these writers can give you entry to companies in various occupations or industry-based groups. In some cases a partner may grant you access to their database of clients. To buy a database of current leads could cost you thousands.

Selecting a Partner

It is not enough to rely on a writer’s certification to prove they are worthy of partnership. Make a checklist of the ideal partner. Your checklist may include: college degree, 10 years as a professional résumé writer, areas of specialty, industry awards, publications, blog popularity, corporate partners, association partnerships, and size of business.

Defining Your Partnership

Determine what you want from the partnership and what you are willing to offer. There are opportunities for mutual exchange, such as guest blogging. Providing warm leads to each other is the main component of the partnership. It is important to define how leads will be introduced or delivered. Writers are often willing to perform résumé critiques for your clients. They may also provide valuable candidate education resources, such as “tip sheets,” for your website. Follow-up with your partners monthly to keep the relationships alive.

Identify and form partnerships with high-profile, professional résumé writers to help you build valuable call lists. No more wasting an entire morning on the phone just hoping to strike gold. This is not the only way to access leads. However, it is one more arrow in your quiver to save you time and generate revenue.

I am always looking to partner with other passionate, like-minded individuals; for years this has been an integral ingredient in my success formula. Email me or call  646-389-7335 to learn more.

This article is part of a series called Tips & Tricks.
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