Today’s Roundup Is Purely for Your Entertainment

Dec 28, 2012
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Having fun at work today? Leaving voice mail for every call you make? I mean, really, is there a hiring manager who actually wants to hear from you?

So take a time out and enjoy today’s roundup, which, I promise, is low cal, purely intended as entertainment, and has no particular message (unless you happen to recruit lawyers, in which case, I’m so sorry for you).

Some Recruiter I Used to Know

From the land next to the Land Down Under, comes proof that like love, the recruiter/candidate relationship is universal. (It also suggests there are too few lawyers in New Zealand, which, you would think, would be a good thing.)

Form F26-A

Meet David Thorne; web designer, information architect and HR’s nightmare employee of the year. (He’s also a bestselling humorist. But that’s now, not before when he was spending his workday thinking up ways to torment his team leader.)

If you’ve missed his collection of F26-A complaints against him, here’s a sample:

While I was away yesterday David Thorne moved my desk into the kitchen and moved the water cooler and bookshelf and the big plant to where my desk was and he changed the photo of Karen I had in the frame to a photo of the fridge. This is taking personal property and wasting company time because it took me 2 hours to move it all back by myself because he said he was too busy researching wasps to help.

Thorne also refused to fill out timesheets, telling this self-same team leader and co-worker,

I have decided not to do time-sheets anymore. I’m not a robot. As your new token responsibility as time-sheet collector is essentially the office equivalent of placing an OCD child in charge of equally spaced fridge-magnet distribution to keep it occupied while The View is on, this saves you from having to bother with the whole embarrassing process.

Lady Gaga Goes to Law School

Attention legal recruiters: Still with us? This is for those of you about to head out to the nation’s law schools to recruit your summer associates. From the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law comes this entry to the annual Law Revue Video Contest:

This article is part of a series called Videos.
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