SmartRecruiters: A Free ATS is Born

Nov 12, 2008

MrTed Founder and President Jerome Ternynck is a man on a mission. A free mission.

“Would you pay for an email account today?” he asks.

In the consumer market, he says, there are a lot of business models that exist around this concept.

He points to the Gmail concept, which he says is a model that has not been applied to the B2B market yet.

“I’ll make money, for sure, but I am not making money on you,” he says, alluding to his master plan behind the launch of SmartRecruiters.

This service gives recruiters in small and midsized businesses full access to an ATS without any restrictions or limitations. Never paying again for your ATS? Is it an off-the-wall idea? (Martin Snyder has likened it to “running your car on tap water,” though he admits the idea might end up taking off.)

In fact, Ternynck admits that he will generate profit by recruiters bringing business to service vendors like job boards and background screening firms.

Just this week, the company launched a new alliance with eQuest to integrate eQuest job postings with SmartRecruiters.

Ternynck says this is all part of his master plan to offer a “one-stop, one-click eCommerce application” for job board purchasing, job posting deliveries, and candidate sourcing.

Initially, the company will offer some free boards during its beta phase and later offer a wide variety of pay-per-post boards.

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