Recruiting Leaders to Converge at ERE Digital

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Sep 21, 2021
This article is part of a series called ERE Digital: Fall 2021.

On Sept. 23-24, talent acquisition professionals will gather for ERE Digital, a practitioner-led event that aims to help recruiting pros elevate their roles, departments, and organizations. TA leaders from Marriott, Best Buy, Uber, Nike, Boeing, and other companies will share practical insights, best practices, and case studies especially relevant to today’s extraordinary hiring environment.

For the last several weeks, has been running articles, interviews, and videos with upcoming presenters. You can access the full compilation here. (You can also receive 50% off registration by using code EREEMAIL50 at Meanwhile, below you’ll find a taste of what the agenda has in store (full agenda here):

The Death of the Recruiter? 

Best Practices Are for Suckers

Yesterday’s Advice on Candidate Experience Won’t Fix Today’s High-Volume Hiring Challenges

Money Talks, But Will It Be Enough?: Which Incentives Work Best to Lure Job-Seekers?

The Misalignment Between Recruiters and Technology

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And register for ERE Digital at (Use code EREEMAIL50 to register for half-price.)

This article is part of a series called ERE Digital: Fall 2021.