Recruiters Say Marketing Is Top Choice For More Training

Nov 27, 2012

Ever wonder if you could be doing a better job at marketing yourself to new clients? Welcome to the club.

Marketing is by far the one area where recruiters say they could use more training. In a recent Top Echelon Network poll, 40% of the participating recruiters admitted they could use more training on “Marketing to prospective clients.” None of the other choices including the second-place answer “recruiting passive candidates” even came close.

“Recruiters can’t make placements unless they have job orders, and they can’t get job orders unless they have clients to give them those job orders,” says Mark Demaree, president of Top Echelon Network. “With that in mind, the results of this poll aren’t that surprising.

“Recruiters know they have to get in front of more prospective clients, and they also know they have to get better at marketing to such prospects. I’d be willing to bet that just about all recruiters believe they need to improve their marketing skills in regards to landing new clients and securing more job orders.”

Once they do land those job orders, then they have to fill them in order to get paid. As keen as the competition is, it’s not surprising that 26.2% of the recruiters who took the poll said they could use more training in connecting with passive candidates. Close behind was “Sourcing candidates” at 20%.

“Negotiating with clients” at 9.2%, was fourth, while “closing candidates” garnered just 1.5% of the vote.

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