Our Recruitment Marketing Is Kinda Unreal

May 6, 2014

photo 3At ASB Bank in New Zealand we wanted to do something different. Our talent acquisition team has a social media mantra of #leadnotfollow, and we wanted to make some noise in the market.

In brief the goal was:

To stand out from the crowd and to attract the best people, to create a first within the New Zealand recruitment industry, a 3D interactive digital experience designed to capture the attention of job seekers and that could be shared within professional networks.

I had an idea when watching marketing videos on YouTube. One particular video marketing fruit juice caught my attention. From this research a recruitment campaign was born.

We’d use the latest technology and personalize messages delivered by “business cards” to would-be candidates.

To support a recruitment campaign in the corporate banking business at ASB, we developed a Project called “The Only Growth story.” ASB’s Corporate Banking business is growing. We created a microsite and built a mobile app — the “Work for ASB” app that used augmented reality.

Advertising for the campaign triggered a 3D augmented reality video that popped out of the page and interacted directly with each individual job seeker. Embedded in this video are links for candidates to both tap to apply for positions and to tap to find out more about ASB’s corporate banking business.

ASB wanted to tell its “growth story” to individuals directly from one of our own executive manager’s mouths. We filmed an unscripted and authentic green screen video, working with a development company called One Fat Sheep to produce the app. In addition to advertising across targeted business and media channels, the ASB talent acquisition team also created “Talent Scout” cards. These cards were given to ASB people in corporate banking and used to hand out in person to other people who we wished to attract. The talent scout cards also trigger the augmented reality experience.

Results so far have been staggering, with more than 200 job applications and over 3,000 app downloads. Social media sharing has also driven the campaign. We have even had our competitors sharing content about the app and campaign on their own LinkedIn status updates. There has been significant media coverage of the app with articles on the website for CIO magazine in New Zealand and the global technology banking website Finextra. We certainly achieved our goal to stand out from the crowd and make some noise!

ASB has started our digital journey and we will now be enhancing the app further to support other campaigns and digital platforms. The immersive experience of augmented reality fits perfectly with the goals of our talent acquisition team: we are sparking an interest, and showing how innovative our business is, demonstrating with technology what we do, and engaging on a personal level with our future employees. We will continue with our mantra that at ASB we #leadnotfollow.

ASB also hosted a demonstration of the augmented reality app in operation on our ASB YouTube Channel. You can view the augmented reality app in action on our ASB blog. The “Work for ASB app” is available for download in both the App Store and Google Play.

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