Now Is a Good Time to Remind Your Candidates About Updating Their Resume

Dec 12, 2014

ResumeThis is a perfect time of year to reach out to your candidates and remind them to update their resumes. It is an excuse for you to connect and keep your name fresh in the minds of your candidates in an effort to learn about upcoming job vacancies at the companies in which those people work. It’s also smart to prompt your candidates to keep their resumes current so both of you are always on your toes.

Since most candidates need a little help when updating the resume, here’s a little tip sheet you can share.

Resume Update Checklist

Accomplishments with measured results: Outline specific examples of your latest achievements. Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) formula to describe the achievement. Quantify the results with dollar amounts, headcounts, and percentages whenever possible. Talk about improvements to quality, productivity, efficiency, savings, and revenue.

Challenges and obstacles: Highlight any challenges or obstacles you faced and overcame. What happened, what did you do, and what was the outcome? Explain other opportunities that you identified to improve processes while you addressed the challenges.

Expansion of scope: Did you gain new responsibility? Perhaps you assumed a new program, a larger staff, a new satellite office, or a new product line. Show how your authority and responsibility has grown and be sure to show the numbers.

Education, skills and training: Any new professional certifications, college degrees, or specialized courses? Don’t forget to include new languages and technical skills that you picked up in 2014.

Coach your candidates to start compiling notes of their 2014 accomplishments for a sparkling new resume for 2015 job opportunities. It is a terrific way to stay connected and help your clients stay prepared for job openings that lie ahead.

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