New Brand For Kenexa; New Look For Job Tweets; Job Boards and More

Jun 1, 2009

New logo
New logo


Here’s a math teaser for you: i X e = s. Solve for “s.” The answer is success, which is what Kenexa promises from its solutions that multiply the individual by the environment.

Like math or not, you’ll be seeing that formula wherever you see Kenexa since it’s a key ingredient of the HR software company’s rebranding.

Old logo

In a press release today, the company says, “The formula will be rolled out in the company’s website, collateral, and other materials. Kenexa has also unveiled a modern corporate logo that reinforces its new look and feel, and emphasizes the “X” in the formula. The new logo is reinforced by the tag line: ‘HR Success Multiplied.'”

The old and new Kenexa logos are shown here. And if you want even more, check out the company’s new print ads. You can ignore the pop-up box unless you want to provide your info.


Barely five months old, this Twitter-based job service is hitting on all cylinders. Besides thousands of job channels that tweet and retweet jobs fitting an industry and an geography, TweetMyJobs actually has a modest business model charging as little as 99 cents to send a job posting to specific job channel followers. Recruiters can also get resume tweets if they choose, and anyone can follow the general message group.

Now comes TweetMark, a cool service that lets an employer incorporate a brand with their tweet. For $99 a year — free until the end of June — a company gets a custom Twitter page that incorporates its logo or whatever branding message it chooses. When a job is tweeted to the appropriate job channel, the branding element gets incorporated with the 140-character text and appears on the recipient’s device.

Thought you couldn’t get images with Twitter? So did we. But TweetMyJobs founder Gary Zukowski is clever enough to have figured out a work-around. Here’s his explanation: “The logo is not in the tweet, but since it’ll be tweeted on the custom Job Channel, it will be associated to the tweet by default.”


Startups, especially job board and candidate matching startups, don’t usually launch ad campaigns that involve TV and radio. A little SEO, some keyword buys, and maybe a press release or two. But OneWire is making a bigger splash with a commercial that’s supposed to be launching today in New York City and a few other major, east coast financial centers.

OneWire, you may recall from our earlier post, is a job matching service for the finance sector. It works on brute force, getting as granular in its data collection as asking for GPA scores, and details about the specific size and reach of the deals an experienced financier handled or an analyst covered.

OneWire is the product of F.S. von Stade & Associates and its founder and president F. Skiddy von Stade. FSvS is one of the leading search firms for the finance industry.


Speaking of job boards, this one’s a bona fide job board and the latest of the ever-expanding number of ever-so-hopeful challengers to the Monster and CareerBuilders of the world. Now a new job board launch is hardly big news. In fact, it barely qualifies as news at all. But with a seven-day Bermuda vacation as a come-on to job seekers to register, what’s to lose? Especially since the site practically swears that registration will take under a minute. (The press release announcing the launch actually says it will take less than 30 seconds.)

The bad news for job seekers is that we only found nine jobs on the site.

Buy a Domain

That may be a clue as to the decision behind the UK’s Employ Holdings Ltd. to abandon its plan for a network of U.S. job boards under the “Employ” banner. How do we know the UK job board operator has given up its U.S. hopes? Because it wants us to help it auction off its stock of employ-related domain names. These are such exciting names as,, and (Don’t bother clicking into them, they’re all parked addresses.)

Scott Taylor, director of Employ Holdings, emailed us saying, “My company was planning to tackle the USA online Digital Recruitment Marketplace in 2010 to capitalize on the economic recovery and establish ourselves throughout the USA, however as we have various projects underway it has been decided that we are best served concentrating on the UK and European markets at this point in time.”

You can contact him if you’re interested in buying the package — which is the way they’d rather dispose of the 40-odd domain group. If you bid, keep in mind that dot-com addresses for job boards may not be worth a whole lot. Especially once Employ Media starts selling dot-jobs addresses.

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