Light At the End of the Tunnel?

Oct 5, 2009

Contrary to Friday’s dismal jobs report, glimpses into the brand-new “4th Global Snapshot” report by SearchPath International and Antal International offer a different perspective:

  • Although the economic picture in the United States is not good, the latest Snapshot suggests a definite improvement in the professional and managerial jobs market. The percentage of organizations hiring has risen to 55% from 43% in April, and of those intending to hire in the coming quarter to 56% from 34%. Further, firing levels are down, albeit marginally from 38% to 34%.
  • “We would be very brave [or possibly very foolhardy] to assert that the economic crisis that has assailed the world is over, but there is little doubt that the results of this edition of Global Snapshot give cause for some optimism.”
  • “The hiring and firing of staff is one of the most effective measures of business confidence and there is no denying that, with a few exceptions, the jobs market for professionals and managers is improving all around the world.”
  • Global hiring has risen, but only marginally from 46% in April to 50% now. Intentions to hire over the coming quarter is up from 44% in April to 48% now.
  • Perhaps more significant is the drop in the percentage of organizations shedding professional and managerial staff from 35% to 25% — “a definite indication that businesses are starting to plan ahead for better times — better times which would have seemed a very long way off indeed at the beginning of 2009.”
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