Kelly: IT Skills Shortage in Asia Pacific

Oct 9, 2008

Kelly Services surveyed 440 companies in Asia Pacific, and the results of its first information technology skills study suggest that an IT skills shortage is real and is fast approaching a critical state.

“Changing demographic profiles, globalization, and innovation in technology open up new opportunities and put a greater focus on jobs which require specialized IT skills while making existing ones obsolete rapidly,” says Dhirendra Shantilal, a Kelly senior vice president in the Asia Pacific region.

Rapid Innovation in Technology

According to the study, 42% of respondents cite the lack of experience among the current IT workforce as the driver behind the shortage of qualified IT talent. This was followed by the unpreparedness of new IT staff to meet the business needs and the organization’s lack of ability to train and develop staff.

“The IT job market has been very active in the past two to three years due to the setting up of IT hubs and regional shared services centers which see a boost in the demand for experienced IT professionals and teams to manage and support these operations,” says Shantilal.

When asked about sourcing IT talent, 70% of organizations work with recruitment companies and turn to Internet/job portals at the same time.

The survey also points out that because IT employees have access to sensitive personal information of customers, employers expect thorough credentials verifications before hiring them.

“Recruitment companies should go beyond matching a resume with a job description and be a better partner to organizations by managing the process of selecting the best IT talent,” Shantilal notes.

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