JobsinHubs Has Features Worth a Second Look

Mar 10, 2009
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Speed misreading the title of the press release led us to think happy thoughts of working as a bartender off Piccadilly Circus or as a cafe host on the Left Bank. Alas, the name is JobsinHubs, not pubs, and it refers to a network of job sites for English speaking expats in Europe. Most of the jobs are for professionals in finance, logistics, and IT, though there are enough other openings to prompt us to take a look at our resume, er, CV.

The network was founded in 2006 with a JobsinCopenhagen site. Now, with the recent launch of a London-focused site, the network has 18 Jobsin sites.

The Belgium-based network sells postings on a pay-per-click basis, which is currently .5 Euro per click, or .65 cents American at today’s exchange rate. The company says it gets over a million pageviews and 250,000 visitors a month searching its listings. Oddly, from an American perspective, seekers don’t post resumes to be searched. Most likely the result of privacy rules in Europe, which vary from incredibly strict to the merely tough.

What makes this site worth a look, besides the possibility of finding a job in a glamorous city, is how JobsinHubs tries to makes things easy for job seekers. Adjacent to the listings are icons for maps, company info, emailing the listing to others, LinkedIn (to find company employees in your network), Wikipedia, and more. Some of the links produce no or nearly no results. But we think the idea is worth emulating by other job boards.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.