Are Your Jobs Indexed in Google for Jobs? Jobiak’s New Tool Has the Answer

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Dec 5, 2018

Startup Jobiak’s sole mission in life is to make sure your jobs show-up on Google for Jobs. I covered it last month and I also interviewed them on The Chad & Cheese Podcast.

“With Google for Jobs, Google has completely rewritten the rules for how job postings appear in Google Search, and the days of simply using good SEO to have your job postings rank highly in search are over,” said founder and CEO Venkat Janapareddy in November. “Some 73 percent of all job seekers start their job search on Google, and companies are slowly realizing they are missing a massive opportunity to engage directly with highly qualified candidates.”

Boston area-based Jobiak believes there’s a tremendous opportunity for mid- to small-sized businesses to use their tool to promote jobs. “Almost 60 percent of employers don’t have an applicant tracking system,” Janapareddy said. “You have to pay at least $3,000 a month to get started on iCIMS, for example. If you are a midsize and a small-size employer and you don’t want to use an applicant tracking system, ours is a great platform.”

To help drive awareness and fill up the lead funnel with aforementioned small and mid-sized businesses, Jobiak has launched a tool to help companies discover whether or not a job posting is on Google for Jobs. To see it in action, visit

Jobiak Free Tool
Jobiak Helps Companies Know If Postings Show-Up On Google for Jobs

“Talent acquisition teams and in-house recruiters want their jobs to be found in Google searches, but our research indicates that most are not aware of how Google for Jobs works and many are not sure if their job posts are live on Google for Jobs,” said Janapareddy.

The tool is free to use, but you must submit an email address in order to reveal the answer. Doing so will also undoubtedly put you into Jobiak’s sales funnel, so expect calls and follow-up emails. The tool is also limited a bit, because you can only do one job, or URL, at a time. It would be nice if the tool allowed you to bulk upload a lot of jobs, or have Jobiak scrape a corporate career site to see which job postings are in and which aren’t.

If you find out a job listing isn’t indexed by Google for Jobs, Jobiak allows you post the job immediately via its platform. I submitted a job opening at Indeed, which has publicly said it won’t play with Google for Jobs, and sure enough, the job was not on Google.

“This new free utility aims to help recruiters and talent acquisition teams to instantly determine if their jobs are on Google for Jobs, and from what sources,” said Janapareddy. “Armed with this knowledge, they can quickly take steps to directly post their jobs and tap into this powerful source of qualified candidates.”

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