Indeed Launching 4 New Ads This Week

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Jul 31, 2018

Here are four new commercials Indeed is dropping this week.

“The Box”

“The Dream”

“The Wish”

“The Drop”

These new series of ads, which the company refers to as “Stories,” aim to build upon what it says is the resilience shown by job seekers in the most recent “Sunny” and “Ask Me Anything” ads.

“The new campaign seems to be an attempt at positioning the company as a career platform, and not just a job search engine,” I said when the campaign launched in March. “In a world where Google is the Google of job search, it’s a tactic worth trying. Instead of ‘find a job’ or ‘post your resume,’ the new ad tells the story of a failed job seeker who turns into a dream candidate after an upgrade of skills and Indeed insights.”

The commercials are an obvious contrast to the kinds of ads competitors are running. They’re polar opposites to the messages of ZipRecruiter, for example, which opts for a more straight-forward message. Indeed advertisements are so warm andfuzy they look as if they’re shooting for the Oscars. Or at least a Clio.

“The new ads are all designed to be warm, cinematic executions, placing Indeed at the heart of each respective story, and presenting a range of people using our platform to help them get jobs,” Indeed said in a release. “While each of the ads are hopeful and optimistic in tone, they also have a strong call to action embedded — encouraging viewers to upload their resume to Indeed, so they too can achieve their career goals.”

The ads will be live via U.S. network and cable rotations starting Monday, followed by distribution to additional global markets in the fall.