Hurry Before Your 420 Job Costs You $4.20

Mar 27, 2015

Hey dude, if you want to save a few bucks, and you’re in need of a trimmer or a bud tender, get yourself over to WeedHire before April 2. Job postings go from free to $4.20 the day after you- know-what day.

That $4.20 has significance. If you have to ask what it is, you don’t belong on WeedHire.

Launched almost a year ago, the job posting site for the pot industry has built itself enough awareness, says its CEO David Bernstein, that it is “one of the most recognized brands within the marijuana jobs sector.”

Besides now charging for job postings, fees for resume searching and some priority posting services are also coming. I’m inclined to pay for a one-day pass just to see how job seekers list their work experience.

Incidentally, its tagline says, “WeedHire is the of Marijuana.” Talkin about branding!

Stockings Optional

Segueing into our “truth is stranger than fiction” segment, I have to credit Undercover Recruiter for unearthing five bizarre terminations, one of which being the famous (infamous?) case of the dental assistant canned because she was too attractive.

Among the other four is the case of the 14 Florida law firm employees who were fired for wearing orange. Being the school color of the University of Florida, not to mention the state citrus, the firm had a long tradition of encouraging the payday tradition of wearing orange. New management was less partial to the tradition and ended it abruptly.

Across the pond, a UK staffing agency advertised a secretarial job with a picture from the American “Shades of Grey” comedic romance foreshadower, Secretary.

Any wonder The Guardian reported a “storm of protest on Twitter” erupted after the ad appeared? And what’s that “stockings optional” benefit about?

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