How Our Digital Agency Used Instagram to Recruit the Right Talent

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Nov 7, 2017

Nowadays, Instagram is more than a place for selfies and foodies;  we used it as a platform to recruit.

Why Instagram?

When we were looking to hire, we wanted to reach candidates who are in tune with digital trends. Instagram is an ideal platform because it catered to a young tech savvy demographic who fit the agency’s candidate profile.

On top of this, Instagram enabled us to showcase our human side and brand personality through visuals and creative. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Even showing a few images can tell a better story about a company than a description on a website. As well, Instagram offers advanced targeting capabilities, where information can be pulled from Facebook’s database.

Recruiting Talent With a Video Campaign

To attract attention, 9thCO created a time lapse video ad (without sound) highlighting a day-in-the-life at the office: from when you first walk into the building, to greeting colleagues, to munching on food at the bar, to getting settled behind a desk and so on. The ad text, “We’re Hiring a PPC Specialist,” is very visible throughout the video.

Here’s a screenshot of how the ad appears on Instagram:

For the targeting, we were able to reach potential candidates according to their interests, age range, job title, and geographic location. This includes people in the Greater Toronto Area, as people who have interests in AdWords, digital marketing, and display or online advertising.

Instagram charges $1 per click on each ad. The campaign reached as many as 40,000 people and achieved a total of 868 clicks.

People who’ve seen the ad could also click on our Instagram page to get a better sense of the agency and our culture.

The Verdict

Instagram sure did draw the attention of applicants. When our candidates were asked how they found the position, approximately 30 percent said it was through Instagram. And many thought it was creative and unique for the digital agency to use Instagram video as a recruiting tool (here’s our Instagram page). The end result: we were successful in attracting talent and received over 20 qualified resumes. Thanks to the success of this campaign, we intend to continue to use Instagram to help grow our team.


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