Google Making Moves Into Recruiting Technology

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Nov 15, 2016
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You may still be digesting the Facebook news, but Google is going to dip its toes deeper into the world of recruiting tools and technology, and will be partnering with some company names that’ll ring familiar.

Google’s not launching a new job board, but rather a tool that other companies could use on their sites: an API to help match candidates with jobs.

A page on Google says the new tool uses “machine learning to understand how job titles and skills relate to one another, and what job content, location, and seniority are the closest match for a jobseeker’s preferences.” Google also explains it here.

Google’s initial partners include:

  • Dice. The company says it was selected “specifically for its technology focus and position in the technology community.”
  • CareerBuilder. Google says that CareerBuilder created “a prototype in just 48 hours, found improved, more accurate results when compared to its existing search algorithm.” Google gives an example of a search for “part time” and how the results are “richer” because of the use of synonyms like PT. CareerBuilder appears to be just testing the tool and later expanding it to greater use among its customers.
  • Jibe, whose CEO Joe Essenfeld says, “With the launch of Google Cloud Jobs API, Google machine learning will become the standard for career sites” and is a cornerstone of the company’s candidate experience platform. Jibe says career site/ATS users — job candidates, in other words — will get better search results as Jibe integrates Google with career sites.
This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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