Glassdoor Open for Business in 3 New Global Markets

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Jan 17, 2019
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I’m on record predicting the Glassdoor brand will eventually disappear in light of it being acquired by Indeed’s parent company last year. I may be right one day, but for now Glassdoor is not behaving like a brand that’s going the way of the Dodo bird.

John Lamphiere
John Lamphiere, Vice President and Managing Director of Glassdoor International

Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand were added to the list of countries Glassdoor services this week. Since its 2008 launch, Glassdoor now has reviews and insights for over 830,000 companies located in more than 190 countries.

In addition to the new markets, the Mill Valley, California.-based company now services the U.S. and Canada, South America (Argentina and Brazil), India, Australia and parts of Europe (the U.K., Ireland, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands).

“Glassdoor has always appealed to a wide global audience and with increased focus on Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand, we are looking to make the Glassdoor experience for people and businesses in these locations even more valuable,”said John Lamphiere, vice president and managing director of Glassdoor International.

Additionally, the company says it plans to enter more markets this year. Forty percent of its reported 62 million job seekers are now outside of the U.S. The move marks the first expansion since Indeed’s parent company, Tokyo-based Recruit Holdings acquired the company for $1.2 billion last year.

From a population perspective, none of these markets are going to move the needle all that much. Hong Kong has about 7.4 million people, Singapore 5.6 million, and New Zealand has roughly 4.8 million Kiwis based on recent data. All markets are growing quickly, however.


This article is part of a series called Opinion.