Everyone Is Going Mobile. How About You?

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Feb 19, 2014

Dear Barb:

During a conversation at the Fordyce Forum last year, you were talking about the importance of having a mobile site for my company. Do you still feel that is necessary? I don’t think that many candidates look for us on their phones vs. their computers?

Jim T.

Houston, TX

Dear Jim:

All you have to do is look around you in any public setting. People, including our candidates, are using their mobile devices. If you had asked me this question at the Fordyce Forum I would have advised you to have a mobile site in addition to your website. The newest technology has now changed my answer. The perfect solution is to have your website created in a way where it lays out properly on all devices, including cell phones, tablets, etc.

You need to have a WordPress website designed in responsive design so it shows up properly on all devices. This type of website also makes it simple for you or one of your support people to make changes on your website easily and without the often expensive assistance of tech support. Responsive Design is the latest technology that saves you the expense of paying for a website and mobile site. If you need a referral to a reasonable resource to create this type of website, please email me at (A short beginner’s guide to the basics of responsive design is here.)

This is well worth your investment and time. It is estimated that the use of mobile devices will continue to increase at record numbers over the next few years. You must position your business to be easily accessible using any and all devices.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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