eQuest Customers Can Now Post And Twitter Their Jobs

May 18, 2009
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One of the largest job posting distribution services in the world is now pushing jobs out to Twitter followers.

eQuest has partnered with TweetMyJOBS to use the service to send targeted job postings directly to Twitter followers. eQuest posts something like 200 million jobs a year to more than 20,000 job boards. Now, it will send job notices directly to jobseekers who have opted in to the TweetMyJOBS service.

“eQuest is very impressed with the feature enhancements TweetMyJOBS has provided Twitter users,” said Larry Butti, Job Board Communications Manager at eQuest.

Gary Zukowski, president and founder of TweetMyJOBS, says “Working with eQuest will enable thousands of new job opportunities to be delivered instantly to job seekers, and will allow corporations to utilize Social Media as a cost-effective and efficient recruitment channel.”

Zukowski launched the site early this year and set up thousands (4,000 at last count) of channels that jobseekers can pick from to get Tweeted when a job comes along fitting their interest and their chosen geography.

Now, eQuest will directly send new job postings to TweetMyJOBS. The deal allows eQuest customers unlimited Twitter postings.

Recruiters can also post to TweetMyJOBS directly, once they sign up. Individual Tweets are 99 cents each per day with discounts for three-days up to 30 days. The 140-word-max messages typically contain a brief job title, location, and an address for the complete job listing.

There’s also a free resume service. Followers of tweetmyresume get notified whenever a new resume is posted.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.