DZone Launches Job Board to Help Employers Target ‘Over a Million Developers’

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May 11, 2017

It may not be Github, Dice, or Stack Overflow, but if you’re hiring developers, there’s a new job board to throw in your marketing mix. DZone Jobs launched this week as the employment arm of DZone.

Not familiar?

DZone connects software professionals with free knowledge resources, tools, and opportunities to help them advance their careers. The site has been around for over two decades and touts “over a million developers” in its ranks. DZone also provides its platform, AnswerHub, to some of the world’s largest companies to power their own developer-focused communities.

“With developers in high demand, the competition is stiff for hiring organizations. Yet, there are many developers who are eager to learn about new opportunities,” said Matt Schmidt, president and CTO of DZone. “With DZone Jobs, we are giving hiring organizations a place to set themselves apart in the development community and connect with the world’s most experienced developers.”

It’s not news to say employers struggle to recruit and retain tech talent. According to Stack Overflow’s 2016 Developer Landscape Report, developer unemployment runs at a near industry low of 2.12 percent, while 15 percent of all developers are actively looking for new jobs and 63 percent are open to hearing about new opportunities. Such demand makes DZone Jobs newsworthy.

The job board will be free for site members. Users can sign in with their LinkedIn account and build quickly build a resume. Users also have a level of privacy where they can choose to have hiring companies contact them or not. Visitors can search for jobs by different skills, stacks/technologies, and locations. Searches can also be saved and email alerts are provided to those opting in to receive them. There’s also a company directory.

Employers can post a single job or buy a bundle of 5 or 10. For those looking to hire a lot of developers, an annual subscription to get unlimited postings for a year is available. In an attempt to jumpstart the job board, free posting credits to all DZone members is available when using the code “HIREDEVS.”

Without the discount, single postings cost $250, five postings are $1,200, 10 postings $2,000, and an unlimited annual package $6,500. For employers who want to search applicant profiles and view profile data, the annual fee is $1,500. Postings are live for 30 days.

The job board is powered by and backfilled by Indeed postings.

“It’s a lot easier to launch a job board if there’s already an existing user base,” said Christian Malpeli,’s founder. “The fact that DZone doesn’t have to build job seeker traffic gives it a huge leg up to anyone building a site from scratch. Companies looking for software developers are going to love it.”

“’Developer’ is in our DNA,” said Schmidt. “It has been since the early days of Javalobby nearly 20 years ago. Today we help millions of developers worldwide learn new skills and technologies, and progress in their careers.”