Best of ERE: Top 5 Recruiting Metrics Stories of 2021

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Dec 29, 2021

I remember a while ago I had a conversation with Steve Lucas, iCIMS’ new CEO at the time. He talked a bit about vanity vs value metrics. The comparison he was making struck me then, and it continues to force a certain skepticism when pondering various analytics, or, well, “analytics.”

There are many recruiting stats and numbers we can come up with it, but how many of them truly matter? How many are actionable? Which ones do hiring managers and leaders genuinely care about?

These are all some of the most important questions to be asking not just as we enter the new year but always when it comes to advancing and elevating talent acquisition.

Here are the top ERE stories on recruiting metrics from 2021:

Techsploration: What’s Measured in Recruiting Is Not Always What Matters

Making Sense of Recruiting Metrics

The Lies We Tell About Talent Assessments and Candidate Experience 

Half of All Companies Do Not Trust Their TA Data Sources

The Most Common Hiring Methods Don’t Work

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