Best Hire Ever: Impact of Multicultural California Voting Down Prop 16 on Future DEI Programs

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Dec 7, 2020
This article is part of a series called Podcasts.

In Episode 22 of Best Hire Ever, Kris Dunn talks with California resident (born and bred), news editor, and professor John Hollon about the defeat of Proposition 16 in the November 2020 election. It would have allowed the reinstatement of affirmative action-style quotas and preferences in public hiring, contracting, and education in California. Voters in the Golden State rejected it by a margin of 57% to 43%, even though proponents of the bill outspent the opposition by a margin of 16 to 1.

John and Kris have a wide-ranging conversation about the bill, including John’s rundown of the history of such legislation in the state and his reaction as a California resident. The conversation then turns to an examination of California’s multicultural makeup and the fact it is a preview of the future version of America — and what we can learn about multicultural attitudes towards affirmative action and the impact of those diverse views to corporate DEI programs today and in the future.

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This article is part of a series called Podcasts.
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