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Aug 29, 2012

Dear Barb:

I’m working on a direct hire marketing script and want to communicate the idea that we save employers money. I think it is important to show that in numbers. I keep running into data on the Internet that states the average cost to hire an RN (for example) is $2,500. That 20% fee on 70K does not appear to be a savings. Do you have any information on your site that speaks to this idea? Or, any advice in general? Thanks very much!

Victor D., Madison, WI

Dear Victor:

There are many intangibles that you could stress:

  1. RN’s you place are not actively looking and are the best talent available which will provide your clients with an immediate ROI because these nurses hit the ground running. Not the candidates attracted by ads, the Internet, etc.
  2. You know what is most important to the nurses you represent so you can help your clients extend offers that will be accepted.
  3. They can write off your fee as an expense of doing business.
  4. How do you put a value on the time spent to attract, interview, hire and retain a nurse?
  5. Your follow up process after the hire is made is priceless and ensures retention of the nurses hired. If any problems are discussed, you will make the client aware of them before they result in someone quitting.

We have never stressed the money employers save as a reason to use us. We stress the access they will have to the best talent available vs. the best talent actively looking.

Often we talk about the time saved by hiring us to weed through everyone and only present the top three candidates.

We stress our established network, which allows us to find talent they can’t attract on their own. Clients are often more interested in the ROI vs. money saved. If you truly provide the best talent, what you charge is not the focus. Hope this helps.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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