6Sense Matching Launched for Applicant Ranking

Monster unveiled an applicant matching feature today at SHRM that leverages the 6Sense Semantic Search it introduced last fall. The new feature matches applicants to jobs, producing a ranked order list that includes a side-by-side comparison of the top matches.

Last fall, the company introduced 6Sense for resume searching in a product it branded Power Resume Search. Not long after, it launched Job Search, enabling job seekers to search for jobs using 6Sense.

Don’t confuse a 6Sense match to the traditional keyword match. Old school keyword matching does little more than search for certain keywords and rank the results on frequency and sometimes proximity. More sophisticated features allow you to take into account years of experience, and even career progression.

The 6Sense technology is more sophisticated yet. It can handle concepts. It looks for connections among skills, career progression steps, and responsibilities, and weighs the factors in aggregate. So if you are looking for a bookkeeper, 6Sense isn’t going to give you a CFO, even if bookkeeping is among the listed skills. Unless, that is, you decide otherwise.

Officially unveiled this morning, Monster Applicant Matching comes at a time when employers are being overwhelmed by applications for every position they post.

“With employment rates still recovering, employers have been overwhelmed with job seekers applying for their positions.  Our customers asked us for the ability to use our semantic search technology to help them instantly identify the best qualified applicants,” says  Darko Dejanovic, EVP, global CIO and head of product at Monster.

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The company also reported that it has introduced 6Sense in Canada and the United Kingdom, it’s in beta in France, and will be launched in Australia later this year.

The technology is built out of the core of the matching software developed by Trovix. Monster acquired the startup two years ago for $64 million and then spent more than a year and millions more reworking the technology before introducing 6Sense last fall.

The company didn’t say whether or what it would charge to use Monster Applicant Matching. It does charge a premium for Power Resume Search.

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