X-Ray Vision, Tech Trouble Benefits, and RPO Complexity

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Here’s what’s going on in the ERE community this week:

  1. Linkedin Recruiter Tip… X-ray, then login
  2. Benefits of Technology Going Down
  3. Understand the difference between high complexity and high volume RPO providers
  4. The kind of video you wish your company would do
  5. Interview Records Retention
  6. Split Fee Networks

1. Linkedin Recruiter Tip… X-ray, then login

Jeremy Roberts writes about the benefits of using Google to x-ray LinkedIn first. He says, “Linkedin Recruiter is a great tool for corporate recruiting.  It allows recruiting teams access to all linkedin members without actually having a direct connection. In using Linkedin recruiter for sourcing REMIC candidates for a client I discovered that using the Google x-ray feature still results in a lot more candidates than searching within Linkedin recruiter

Check his post out and many others below.

2. Benefits of Technology Going Down

Davis Szary writes about a situation when his connection went down. He says, “Without the constant interruptions of voice mail/email, I have been laser focused and have knocked off many “to-do’s” that I have “started and stopped” many times because of pesky CIE’s (calls, interruptions and emails for those that haven’t been through our Perfect Week/Perfect Day training program).

Are you more productive when technology is down because it allows for less interruptions or does that connection make you more efficient in the long run?

3. Understand the difference between high complexity and high volume RPO providers

Tracey Friend talks about how RPO providers are not all created equal. She writes, “Today’s blog posting will focus on the difference between “high volume”  and “high complexity”  RPO solutions. At the highest levels both require requisition management, sourcing, screening, interviewing, offer and on-boarding practices.  However the detailed processes, the people and where the most time is spent, will vary based upon complexity.  So just because your RPO fills call center roles really well, does not mean they can do high level professional roles and vice / versa.

Read through from some insight on the differences between the two.

4. Split Fee Networks

A forum member asks, “What are the top 3 split fee networks these days?” Another member asks for clarification but is there a general split fee network out there? Or are all industry focused?

5. Interview Records Retention

Here’s an older one about interview records retention that is getting some renewed interest: “I am a contract recruiter that has recently started working for a national insurance company. I am not working out of the corporate headquarters, but one of our regional office. I have not been able to find a firm corporate policy for the retention of interview notes for candidates that we did not hire. Some of the recruiters maintain them for one year, some three years, some appear to not be keeping them at all! Can anyone tell be what the legal standard is for maintaining interview notes?

Article Continues Below

Do you have any guidance for interview records retention?

6. The kind of video you wish your company would do

The final word comes from Sarah Welstead who writes about businesses releasing viral videos. She writes, “One day the president comes in and says “We’ve got to have a video!  We’ll make it funny, and get all the staff to be in it, and everyone will send the link to their friends!  And my nephew says he’ll do it for $1500!”

“(There’s a reason why professional writers, directors, producers and actors get paid – quite a lot, sometimes –  for what they do.)

“Which is why it’s so great to discover a company who really is doing it right.  Check out this video from Recruitment Juice, a UK-based recruiting training company:

Check out the video and tell Sarah what you think!

To see what else you’ve been missing, check out the ERE community.

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