Why Your Recruiters Should Brand Themselves

Dear Barb:

I hear you advising that our sales team should personally brand themselves to show our clients and candidates why they should utilize their services. As an owner, my concern is that the loyalty of these clients and candidates is to my recruiters and not my company. My concern is the day that someone leaves and takes my clients with them. I have a non-compete, but also understand if they move far enough away, I can’t enforce it. Why do you think branding is a good idea?

Francis H.

Kansas City, MO

Dear Francis:

The biggest complaint I hear from corporate audiences I address is that we all say we’re different when we are making client development calls. When we are asked how we are different, we all say the same things.

I suggest branding because people work with people they trust and enjoy. Part of the branding is your company, niche, track record and testimonials. In addition to that, I challenge each recruiter to identify their USP (Unique Selling Presentation) and clearly communicate why someone should want to do business with them vs. someone else in your office. The one thing you have that your competition does not, is your team.

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I also believe that as the owner, you should personally visit each client at least twice a year, communicate with them bi-monthly by sending articles from your company with a list of your top talent, and assign at least two recruiters to each client. This builds loyalty to your firm as well as their two contacts within your firm.

It’s important for you and your sales team to position yourselves as trusted advisors, and workforce/workplace experts as opposed to one of many vendors. You might also consider using freeteleconference.com to provide monthly teleconference calls for your clients and prospects.

This would again align this client to your company.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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